Pegaso Enchilada

It’s #TacoTuesday and I’ve got a great new place for you to try. I was at Pegaso a few days back, it’s located in Fort Worth’s Bluebonnet Circle, and not only is it a swanky urban spot, but the food is delicious! If you are from Texas, then you know we Texans pride ourselves on finding good Tex-Mex spots. And Pegaso is authentically a Tex-Mex spot, the perk being they actually have savory dishes that will keep you coming back for more.

Pegaso is Spanish for Pegasus, you know, the winged white stallion from Greek Mythology. Urban legend said wherever Pegasus planted his hoof a magnificent oasis would form, and a spring would magically emerge continuing to give life to the area. I don’t know about all that, what I do know is Pegaso had some really yummy tacos and enchiladas that were giving me life! (LOL!)

I love a good ole’ enchilada, but Pegaso is doing things differently. They have partnered up with Blue Zone Projects, which aims to make food options healthier. So now, not only can you enjoy your enchilada you can also enjoy knowing it’s a healthy dish. How cool is that?! It’s not often you get to have a healthy and delicious enchilada, and still not break the bank.

While I was at Pegaso I ordered their avocado enchilada with steak on top, and let me tell y’all it was DELICIOUS!! I would totally recommend it to you, it was topped with their special house chipotle sauce, which made all the difference. It was just too yummy, I’m actually drooling just thinking about it as I type this blog post. Not only is the food mouthwatering but the staff is friendly and very informed about the menu. I always judge a place by the amount of smiles on the employees’ faces, and every single person in the restaurant (even the customers) were all smiles. That definitely made the dining experience much more pleasant.

So if you get a chance definitely check out the unique and refreshing tastes at Pegaso, you’ll probably run into one of the owners and restauranteurs Jay Coates, who is always there to greet and welcome everyone. I can’t wait to visit Pegaso for #TacoTuesday again!

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