The Texas State Fair has finally rolled into town, and like every year one of the biggest celebrations of all things Texas is upon us!! I LOVE the fair, its one of the things that makes Dallas great from September 25 – to October 18th. As the fair wraps up this week be sure to visit if you get a chance, and hopefully this post will help guide you through all the festivities and fun. Texas State Fair is an old tradition here in the southern state, it started out in 1886 by local Dallas businessmen, and the big tradition has continued since then! Not only is it a celebration of Texas (and all things that make us great), but it celebrates agriculture, education, and community all together!


So as a fair native, one of the first things to do is get your obligatory Big Tex shot of the day. Whether it’s a selfie with Big Tex or just a shot of the guy himself, you want to make sure you have one. Big Tex personifies the fair, you can see him be a part of the Dallas skyline every year. This year Big Tex has had some “reconstruction” done to it, and now he even yells out helpful fair tips as you walk by him. Big Tex is a practical guy who loves comfort and working hard, and while he may talk a little s-l-o-w he is by far one of the most famous Texans. Not to mention he is probably the tallest Texas as well!


And although Big Tex is caught here with his selfie stick taking a glam selfie, this year the fair has banned all selfie sticks. (I know! Super sad face to that) But fair staff think selfie sticks are a major safety concern, especially if you get on the rides and start clicking away. So as a safe bet please do not attend with your selfie sticks in hand, remember there is security check ins, and fair staff will remind you to put them away. But that shouldn’t stop you from giving Big Tex a friendly hello and wave!

There is a collection of things to do at the fair, from anticipating performances at the Chevrolet Main Stage, to the auto show that features new innovative cars, to the rides, and my favorite part; the food!


Each year State Fair concessionaires fry up scrumptiously delicious food and make them even more appetizing and unique. I’ve seen and (kind of tasted) everything from fried PB&J sandwiches, fried coke, fried doubled stuffed oreo balls, fried peaches, and fried cream! It’s a celebration of food and all things fried, which is awesome! Of course fair staples like funnel cake, cotton candy, corn dogs, and more are also there for your eating pleasures. This year some of the Big Tex Choice award winners were the: Fernie’s Holy Moly Carrot Cake Roly and the Smokey Bacon Margarita. Some of the finalists included: chicken fried lobster with champagne gravy, cowboy corn crunch, and pretzel crusted pollo queso.


The pretzel crusted pollo queso are definitely winners in my book. It was so delicious I definitely recommend giving this a try, no questions asked!!!

Also don’t forget to try the fried jambalaya balls this year. They are a new addition, and they bring the New Orleans flavor and kick, all neatly packed in a fried ball! Delicious with a bit of tobacco sauce and a hint of tartar sauce, if you’re feeling fancy!

IMG_9224 IMG_9222


You can’t go to the fair and not try a turkey leg. It is pretty much tradition to mozy around the fair while chomping on your delicious smoked turkey leg! Everyone does it! It is a fair staple and adds a delicate smokey smell to the Texas air. You can’t conquer the fair without a turkey leg, so make sure you grab one!

IMG_9218-0 The Texas Star, the ferris wheel, has become it’s own famous entity on it’s own. Enjoy a ride on the ferris wheel to get a glimpse of the ENTIRE fair and the Dallas skyline. At night the Texas Star gleams an iridescent purple against the fair back drop. It’s family ride that can be enjoyed by all, it goes slow so the kids won’t be too scared. But it’s no doubt the best seat at the fair! You can see Big Tex, the main stage, and more all from your Texas Star seat comfortably! IMG_9223 IMG_9220-0 IMG_9219

Whether you are a Dallas or Texas native, you don’t want to miss the Texas State Fair. It’s a celebration that cultivates everything Texas and everything that makes us great! There is something for everyone to enjoy, the culture, the rides, the food, the gigantic auto show, Big Tex, it’s a Texas sized fair that celebrates this and more!! Make sure you get a chance to experience the TSF before you have to wait for next years’ fair!!


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