It’s that time of the year again, just like May means the start of wedding season, it also means it’s graduation time!! And although May is technically over, don’t fret, because there are still tons of gradation ceremonies AND parties to attend. Even though the graduates have to wear an over-sized polyester gown, and a cardboard hat with an annoying tassle, (ahhhh the memories!!). Here is an outfit inspired for all your graduation ceremony, and party needs! This outfit is very summer fun, and allows you to twirl your way in to each special ceremony!

I actually attended a ceremony this past weekend, and the outfit received rave reviews.

You want to make sure your comfortable as you climb up those steep convention center steps. So it is a casual outfit, but you know I can’t help but be glam and fabulous, so I had to spruce it up just a little. The dress was a gift and is from an Australian brand, called Pumpkin Patch. Now, Pumpkin Patch is a unique store, it is PRIMARILY a kids boutique (I know!) but they allow some adult sized outfits as well. And although this dress is technically a kids size (don’t judge). It fit me perfectly, and once you see it you’ll understand WHY I HAD TO HAVE IT!  It’s such a fun dress, I love the prints, and the colors will make sure that all eyes are on you. (Make sure you get a picture with a graduate, you’ll definitely stand out!)

I dressed it up with my accessories, pretty much everything: from my peacock feathered and gold accented earrings, to my green “S” shaped ring is from Charming Charlie. My rose gold watch is from Michael Kors, and I kept it very simple with some flats from Chinese Laundry. I paired the printed dress with some jet black tights with zippered ankle hardware, from Guess.

Since it’s summer and hot, I didn’t want to go over board with makeup,most ceremonies are outside, so you don’t want your face to melt off as you watch your graduate walk across the stage. I kept it very casual with my original Naked Urban Decay Palette, and bold red Mac ruby woo lipstick. For foundation coverage I also used Mac, and my Nars creamy concealer.

As you inspire the class of 2015 with your glam looks and “hair flips” don’t forget to encourage them to continue to look forward as this new chapter begins!! 🙂

IMG_7541IMG_7542 IMG_7540  IMG_7533

Disclaimer: Just wanted to make sure y’all, none of my posts nor this blog is sponsored. Not that I’m against sponsorship but I would DEFINITELY let you know if anything being featured is sponsored. Everything from make up, to accessories, to outfits are all purchased by me, or given to me by family and friends.

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  1. Touhid
    May 31, 2015 at 8:08 pm (4 years ago)

    Cool. Like the initiative.


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